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Enterprise AI News #9: Aera Decision Cloud

Aera introduces its latest "Decision Cloud" and we discuss the product and the capability.

When to Work with Existing Vendors vs. New AI Vendors

Listen to this episode on Emerj's "AI in Financial Services" podcast page:

Enterprise AI News #8: Informa & Re:Work Enterprise AI Events

A quick review of upcoming events aimed at Enterprise AI.

Enterprise AI News #7: Microsoft & Google Digital Twins

We focus on a review of Digital Twins and new platforms from Microsoft and Google.

Enterprise AI News #6: IBM data service and Microsoft, Google & Snowflake data markets

We review a new data service from IBM along with data markets from vendors like Microsoft, Google, Snowflake etc

Enterprise AI News #5: Government legislation & Transparency

News about upcoming and current AI legislation and the focus on model transparency.

Enterprise AI News #4: DoD AI Office

A quick review of how the US Department of Defense is building its AI organization and how that fits in the enterprise.

Enterprise AI News #3: CausaLens & Causal AI

A review of recent news about CausaLens and where causal analytics fits in the enterprise.

Enterprise AI News #2: Nvidia AI Report

We. review Nvidia's State of Enterprise AI 2022 Research Report

Enterprise AI News #1: Ricoh - AI as a Service

Introduction to the Enterprise AI News podcast and look at an example of "AI as a Service".