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Enterprise AI News #8: Informa & Re:Work Enterprise AI Events

A quick review of upcoming events aimed at Enterprise AI.

Enterprise AI News #7: Microsoft & Google Digital Twins

We focus on a review of Digital Twins and new platforms from Microsoft and Google.

Digital Twins

Anyone who has taken our Masterclass course will be aware that a "digital twin" is one of the four central components of our Autonomous Enterprise model. In this post we go into a little more detail on the why, what, how & where of digital twins for your organization.


Podcast #9: The Autonomous Enterprise

Drawing parallels with the popular "autonomous driving" theme we discuss the "autonomous enterprise", that is a business that drives itself or total automation.

Podcast #8: AI & the Product Mindset

One topic that has come up a few times with Banks I am advising is how they can move to the Product Mindset, like that of a tech giant. We discuss those ideas a little more here.

Podcast #7: AI Semantic Hell - Use Cases

One topic that consistently gives teams headaches is the AI semantic hell of "Use Cases" and in particular how every business stakeholder has a different definition or expectation of what a "Use Case" actually is.

Podcast #6: Assist, Augment, Automate Part 2

We expand on our framework for AI usage patterns of Assist, Augment and Automate and note some of the places this framework is relevant in the real world. Part 2 of a 2 part discussion.

Podcast #5: Assist, Augment, Automate Part 1

We expand on our framework for AI usage patterns of Assist, Augment and Automate that also happens to map nicely to the autonomous driving framework of "levels of autonomy".

Podcast #3: AI, BI, Analytics? Fight!
2022-01-14 AI Data Analytics BI

When we talk about AI, BI, Analytics, Data Science etc there can be a lot of "ruffled feathers" around where one starts and another begins. In this discussion we give our view and if the semantics even matters at all.

Podcast #1: A career arc in AI
2022-01-06 AI Data Analytics Career

In the first of our podcast Q&A series we discuss Strategy 4 AI MD, Ian Wilson's career arc over the past 25+ years in the AI industry and how it has followed the arc of AI progress in that time. Drop a note in the comments about your career experience in the world of AI, Data & Analytics.