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While there are thousands of technical courses for AI, here we review "Business AI" courses from Wharton, Stanford LBS & MIT with eco system facts and figures.
Data, Analytics & AI need to be in the cloud to scale effectively. We review that Cloud AI ecosystem.
A round up of the weeks news items in the enterprise space. Who knew AI could be so interesting!
We have a lively discussion around recent uses of AI for monitoring and in the HR business function. Are we being watched?
With the Ukraine War in the front of everyones minds we take another look into the Defense AI industry.
Will we have strong Standards and Regulation or Data & AI or will clickbait reporting bias those efforts?
We surf Forrester's Wave with quick look at the market for "Augmented BI" platforms and the convergence of BI and AI.
I recently joined Emerj's CEO, Daniel Faggella, on The AI in Business Podcast to discuss the topic of the current challenges and applications in conversational banking.
AI is playing an increasingly prominant role at a national level in the middle east and we look at news from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Lilt & Mutiny show how AI can help scale the explosion in content creation for enterprises.