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The Self Driving Enterprise continuously gathers digital data about its customers, markets & operations to create a 'Digital Twin' of its current state, using 'Decision Intelligence' to Automate finding next best actions and to automate process execution. End to end AI.

The 'Self Driving' or 'Autonomous' Enterprise is one that has automated its ability to continuously "Sense, Think & Act". Like autonomous driving, we can grade an enterprises' autonomous capability from level 0 to level 5 (see image below).

Levels of Autonomy

We discuss a little around our framework for an autonomous enterprise and how it maps nicely to a common way analytics stages are noted along a 4 step continuum, either by chance or by design.

2022-01-14 AI Data Analytics BI

When we talk about AI, BI, Analytics, Data Science etc there can be a lot of "ruffled feathers" around where one starts and another begins. In this discussion we give our view and if the semantics even matters at all.

We go into a little more detail on our 3 step transformation framework for building AI Transformation on top of Data Transformation on top of Digital Transformation. Each layer leveraging and extending the previous layer.

Anyone who has taken our Masterclass course will be aware that a "digital twin" is one of the four central components of our Autonomous Enterprise model. In this post we go into a little more detail on the why, what, how & where of digital twins for your organization.


2022-01-06 AI Data Analytics Career

In the first of our podcast Q&A series we discuss Strategy 4 AI MD, Ian Wilson's career arc over the past 25+ years in the AI industry and how it has followed the arc of AI progress in that time. Drop a note in the comments about your career experience in the world of AI, Data & Analytics.



Presenation given to a great audience in London around the challenges with "Data Science".



Podcast discussion with our friends at Emerj AI Reseach about the future of AI in the Banking industry.