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Conversational Banking, Challenges and Applications

Conversational Banking, Challenges and Applications


I recently joined Emerj's CEO, Daniel Faggella, on The AI in Business Podcast to discuss the topic of the current challenges and applications in conversational banking.

We discuss two crucial topics in this particular episode. First, where can AI actually step in, interact with a customer, and not make it worse but potentially improve? I talk about some of those use-cases and how to identify them within a financial services institution. The second main topic I discuss is some of the challenges and how to identify where humans may offer a better experience and where it might make more sense to keep them in the loop, and what it will take to overcome that moving forward. I will soon join Emerj on our other podcast called “The AI in Financial Services Podcast,” where we specifically focus on use-cases in that industry. Be sure to subscribe to your preferred podcast platform to hear his insights, perspective, and more in that upcoming episode.

You can find the links to the episode below:

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