Online - On Demand

Online - On Demand

Masterclass in Business AI (MBAi)

Aimed at business leaders or those who wish to transition into AI & Data leadership these non technical courses teach you everything you need to know to build an Autonomous Enterprise and transform your business. Taught by a thought leading expert practitioner.

With over  1000  minutes of online video lectures and over  1000  pages of presentations available in the Full Masterclass is comprised of 15 modules and growing. The smaller Mini Masterclass uses 6 of those same modules and focuses on executive level topics.
The Business of AI
1. Setting the stage for the course
2. How AI transforms businesses
3. The business benefits of AI
The Economics of AI
1. How AI changes business economics
2. The Macro economic affects of AI
3. The Micro economic affects of AI
The Politics of AI
1. The elements of AI driving politics
2. The Geopolitics of AI power
3. The Regulation and Ethics of AI
AI Strategy
1. How AI supports Corporate Strategy
2. How AI supports Business Strategy
3. How AI supports Functional Strategy
AI Governance
1. A framework for AI Governance
2. A framework for AI Risk
3. A framework for AI Compliance
AI Organization
1. Where AI structures sit in an organization
2. The AI CoE - expectations & strategy
3. The AI CoE - structure & op model
Digital Transformation
1. What are the drivers?
2. What are the benefits?
3. How do we integrate Digital, Data & AI?
Data Transformation
1. How do we become Data Driven?
2. What are the data foundations?
3. What is the data strategy?
AI Transformation
1. Evaluation automation fundamentals
2. Decision automation fundamentals
3. Action automation fundamentals
AI Current State
1. The current state of enterprise AI
2. Single industry focused state of AI
3. Current AI state facts and figures
AI Foundations
1. The Technology foundations for AI.
2. The Data & People foundations for AI.
3. The Process foundations for AI.
AI Capabilities
1. How we define AI Capabilities.
2. A framework for AI Capabilities.
3. A discussion of example AI Capabilities.
AI Use Cases
1. How to evaluate AI Use Cases.
2. How to score each AI Use Case.
3. How to Rank a set of AI Use Cases.
AI Programs
1. The challenges of AI program building.
2. How to build & get AI program funding.
3. How to deliver your AI program.
The Autonomous Enterprise
1. The "Enterprise OS" Design Principles.
2. The Framework & Operating Model.
3. How to design an EOS core tactic / skill.

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